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The mistake was buying a Samsung phone - a new S6-Edge Plus - for my wife. When I bought the device from Amazon, did not realize it was an AT&T phone (since I have always been a T-mobile customer), but the device was unlocked and the phone worked fine. In 3 months though the phone would not charge any longer and that is when the problems began. Samsung replaced the battery, but it now had an AT&T lock on. Even after unlocking the phone, the phone continued to have issues - dropped calls, text messages that would not send, emails that were not being received, etc, etc. After sending the phone back to Samsung multiple times and talking to "Executive customer support" about 20+ times they replaced the phone since it was within warranty - charging me $700 until I returned the defective one I might add - but the new phone does not work still - it is again locked, and trying to unlock, the AT&T site claims there are unpaid installments!!! And Samsung Executive Customer Support now wants me to go to AT&T to figure out why - when I have never had an AT&T account. This is the WORST customer service I have ever experienced!!! They clearly sent me a used phone in replacement where there are still dues and charged me for it!!! Will never recommend Samsung to anyone!!!

Nov 22, 2017

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