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I am a fan of Samsung products, I like Samsung electronic devices very much. I have been using Samsung smart phones since Galaxy S7 edge. However, I was not having as good experience as before on the service issue happened to my Galaxy Note 8 recently.

I bought my Galaxy Note 8 in Dec 2017, I was satisfied with the performance until May 2018. I found color difference on parts of the screen when presenting the same picture. Therefore, I raised service ticket [protected] on May 19th and mailed my phone back to service center in Texas. From the service record, the solution was screen replacement.

I got my phone back on Jun 5th, the color difference issue was solved. However, I found a bad pixel on the left bottom of the screen which was not there before. This was an unexpected issue, because it should not pass the functional check before sending to me. As a result, I raised a new ticket [protected] and sent my phone back to service center for the second time. The solution was replacing the screen as well for this time.

I got my phone back again on Jun 18th, the bad pixel issue was solved. I was hoping the phone should be as healthy as before. However, two weeks later, my phone dropped into water when I took pictures besides the pool and I pulled it back immediately, but it wouldn't power up when I checked the phone later. Since Galaxy Note 8 is IP68 water proof, I was sure the phone could survive it, and the problem might be caused by other issues. So I raised another ticket [protected] on Jun 30th and sent my phone back to service center for the third time.

Unfortunately, this time the solution of issue was "unrepairable" due to liquid damage. I was shocked by the result because the Galaxy note 8 is waterproof and I have been using it with wet hand or even in the rain with no problem before. I called online service several times and they even raised my ticket to upper level case management team, but all answer I got was liquid damage was observed so they could do nothing about it. I am nowhere now asking for help, so I am trying writing to you if you could help me with it.

My concern is that since my phone was repaired by service team for twice (one of them is unexpected due to screen with bad pixel was replaced to my phone), which means the phone was opened for at least twice. Therefore, the capability of waterproof may be impacted due to multiple times of screen replacing and phone is not sealed well.

Aug 07, 2018

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