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Samsung DLP TV / white dots... tv is only 2.5 years old

1 Chandler, AZ, United States Review updated:

I purchased my Samsung 42" DLP from Best Buy in November 2006; not very old and I only watch the TV at night when I'm lounging in my room. A few weeks ago I noticed a few white dots that appeared on the screen. Then each day the amount of dots progressively became more and more. I got online and googled the problem and found there are MANY people with the same problem. Complaints have been made against Samsung and they won't recall or do anything with this TV to fix the problem. I will NEVER buy a Samsung product again. I spent $800 for this TV and it should last way longer than this. There are some people that have the same problem with a TV only a year old...there is something wrong with these TV's and Samsung should step it up and recall them/replace with new given the amount of dissatisfied customers.

Buyer beware; don't buy least the DLP Tvs.

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      20th of Sep, 2009
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    I bought my Samsung 42" DLP the first week of January 2007 as a Christmas present to myself for over $900 and it's doing the same thing (this started 3 weeks ago, around 9/1/2009). Samsung tech said the same thing, pretty much 'too bad call a repair service'. Its only 2 years 9 months old and I can barely see it now. I urge all consumers out there not to buy any Samsung products either. People have shelled out their hard earned money on something that should last much longer than that and Samsung should do something about it!!

    Landrum, SC

  • En
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    I purchased the Samstung HL-S5086WX, 50" DLP from Sears in November 2006. I have been pleased w/ it ... UNTIL THIS WEEK. This week we have lost 3 pixels!! The mirrors on the chip (Texas Instruments??) are faulty. Either that or Samstung got the quality shaft from their supplier in the third quarter of 2006. They should stand up and stand behind their product and admit someone screwed up on quality checking and make all of us victims to their thirst for profits whole again by repairing or replacing these sets! Its pretty clear that this problem is clustering around the same time frame. Until then, DO NOT BUY any Samstung product. I will never buy another Samstung product, TV, phone, VCR, you name it. BOYCOTT SAMSKUNK. They stink. Any lawyers out their for a class action?? Panasonic here I come. I better stop now, my vituperative volcano is about to blow. Engineer in Maryland

  • Re
      24th of Oct, 2009
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    There is a reason most companies offer 1 year warranties. No product is going to last your "expected" lifetime. I had a $1300 LCD Flat Panel that went out completely after 15 months. Three Months after the warranty was over...way under your 2.5 year threshold. If you want a TV to last for 20 years then go back to an old tube style tv and skip out on all the high definition goodness. It is not Samsung who is at fault. It is the ignorant consumers now demanding everything be manufactured to your standards. If the Televisions life spans past the 1 year warranty period without an issue, than the manufacturer has fulfilled its promise.

  • An
      27th of Jan, 2010
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    Is there anyone that is having problem with their Lamp going out on their tv? I purchased a Samsung DLP TV in Nov 2007 with a 4 year warranty costing an additional $400. The lamp went out in May 2009. Eight months after, it is out again. I called GE who handles the warranty. They claim that they only replace lamps only ONE TIME during the life of the warranty. We were not informed of this when purchasing the product or the warranty, or else we would have gotten a one year warranty and renew it every year. A Technician came out to look at the tv and says it's the lamp, pulled out a work order for $134.93 for the lamp.Then claim he has been getting a lot of complaints on the lamps and the sales people are not informing customers that they only get replaced only one time. He claim it's a good tv, but the lamps wont last very long. So why in heavens name would they sell us a 4 year extended warranty that we can't use. I called Samsung, GE, Kneeland TV who replaced the last bulb to see if it was still under their warranty, and nothing. No one can help. So we I am stuck replacing a bulb every 8 months for $135.00. Just great!

  • Fr
      3rd of Aug, 2010
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    I bought a Samsung 56" DLP TV in 6-07. In 11-08 the lamp burned out. Was replaced free. I also bought a 5 year warranty but it only is good for one lamp replacement. In 7-09 the lamp burned out again. I had to replace ($143.00) In 2-10, lamp burned out again, I replaced. Now in 8-10 lamp burned out again. I contacted Samsun but receive no help with lamp replacement. This is getting old. I still have 2 years left on my warranty but not for the part that keeps burning out. I do believe I have a lemon TV and Samsung needs to step up and make good. What happened to customer service and standing behind your product?

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