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Samsung / rt440 refrigrator problems

1 India

I bought in feb 2006 a 440 lt samsung frost free from samsung digital home, amritsar, punjab.
Within 5 months of purchase, there was a problem of water leakage and jammed temperature controls.

Since then, I have complained regularly (Once every 20 30 days) to the local service station but they attribute all this to "design flaws" in the fridge. The extent of their their technicians "service" was to use a blow drier / jug of boiling water on the faulty temp controller which they claim is the problem. Ever since this summer started, the cooling also started going down.

Things came to a head this july, when the fridge stopped cooling and the freezer worked intermittently. The technicians visited me on 8,9,10,12,13 and 14 july but each time they had different diagnosis (Different technicians !) but no solutions. The extent of their "service" was to chuck boiling water into the freezer cooling vents which unjammed the controls temporarily, but they froze soon after.

One bright chap said the vents were too small and proceeded to file them to a larger size. He claimed this problem was common in all fridges of this model. As expected, no effect, no cooling and lots of leakage.

Next guy changed some temp control parts and charged 580 / - out of which 200 was for parts and rest for labor (He had to open three screws and snip lots of retainer clips which he didn't replace). Since I was at wits end, I coughed up even though the company should have taken responsibility since this was a problem which developed within 5 months of purchase.

What gets my goat is that the next day 14/7/07 when the same problems recurred the guy who sold me the fridge blew me off saying he had no time to listen to my problems (Even though it was the first time I was talking to him, and that too only because he had told me to call him if the problem persisted).In the meantime, the "engineer" limited his servicing to ### about how they have to suffer because the fridges have these problems out of the factory.

On consulting other mechanics I have found that there are no faults in other fridges of this model (So much for design flaws). Also, that all the boiling water is going to create problems of rusting and failed insulation very soon. Also that the vents being filed to a larger size means that the temp controller is effectively bypassed.

Most unprofessional, untrustworthy and unconcerned company with an attitude problem to boot.
I want them to a. Repair at their cost b. Refund my cash c. Indemnify in writing that future rusting / insulation failure will be tackled free by them d. If they claim a design flaw, change the fridge with one which works.

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