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I purchased a brand new 46" led tv february 24, 2015 (Today's date is 7/13/2016). I only used this television when I went to bed at night and always set a timer for it to turn off. A couple months after purchasing the television, the tv screen would randomly shut itself off but would turn itself on shortly after, at that time this was a very rare occasion and I thought maybe I had rolled over on one of the remote buttons on accident. **on a side note, i'm a single mother who works 3 jobs on top of a career and have full custody of my 2 year old son, I worked my butt off to save up enough money to buy myself something nice. ** last week, the television started to turn itself on and off again but this time it was more frequent and in the following days the television would only stay on for less and less. It would turn itself off and a couple minutes later turn itself back on, the standby light would blink 5 times before the screen would come back on. I contacted the customer service department 6 times. On the fifth contact, I was told that the issue was the firmware and it needed to be updated. I was instructed to get a thumb drive and contact customer service back so that they could provide me the link for the update. A couple hours later, I was back online with the customer service chat and they provided the link and instructions on how to update the firmware. The update was a success (So I thought) after the update, my television turned on and stayed on longer than the 5 minutes unlike what it had been doing for the past 13 days. I turned the tv off, fed my son and put him to bed. When I returned to my room, my television would not turn on at all. I contacted customer support chat again. He told me to unplug my tv for 60 seconds then plug it back in, so I followed his instructions and the television still would not turn on. I tried to remote control and the button the tv and all the tv would do is blink the standby light. The customer service rep told me to try hitting the "menu" button on the tv remote or any button to see if that turned the tv on, that didn't work. I randomly tried my samsung blu ray player remote (Which I bought last week) and pressed the power button on that, which turned my tv on. I told the customer service rep and he told me that was normal!? I asked for clarification, "your telling me that its normal for my blu ray player to turn on my tv but the remote control for the actual tv wont?" he said "yes", which made absolutely no sense. Every time I pressed a button on the blu ray remote my television would cycle on and off for every hit of a button, then subsequently turned off without turning back on. The customer service rep told me that they had gone through all of the troubleshooting that they could and that I needed to submit a service request. They provided a link for me to submit a service request, I went to the link and started completing the proper paperwork to get someone to help me. When I tried to put in my serial no. (Which I got directly from the box) it wouldn't register with the website. So again, I contacted customer service and they provided a phone number for an authorized repair service company in my area. I contacted them immediately the next morning. I have yet to hear back from that person. After 3 phone calls and voicemail's and no return calls, I contacted customer support again (Please note that this is the 9th! Time I have talked to them in the past couple of days). I went through the whole speal of providing the model code and the s/n for her to subsequently tell me that my s/n was not complete, she told me that the serial number was missing the last letter and to get the complete serial no. From the back of my television (Ummmm.. I'm the height of a hobbit and this television is mounted and I cannot reach it nor take it off the wall mount myself) but that I subsequently needed to contact a repair company. She referred me to a "local tv repair company" which was different than the number that had been provided me the night before. When I called the second number a raspy man answered the phone and argued with me telling me that it was the firmware that messed up my television and that I should contact samsung back, however samsung is telling me that I need to contact a repair company. Also, last week I just purchased a $70 blu ray player that is a samsung. I will never again purchase any other product from this company, I feel completely taken advantage of, given the run around, and pretty much I feel like samsung stole my money and put a defective product on the shelf. Never again will I buy any samsung product in my life and I will also share my horror story with this company with everyone. Horrible customer service and a horrible product.

Jul 13, 2016

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