SUBMIT A COMPLAINT does not provide honest service

My conversation from:
Brenda: Where are my purchases and why have I not receive all my items.I have made two purchase total of seven items from on [protected] Order Number: MM1412041829394340 Order Number:MM1412041726074392 I have purchase seven items from but I have only receive one item from this item number [protected]
Brenda: Why have I not receive both of my purchase for these orders for 12.37 and 91.79
Brenda: Today is [protected] I have not been inform from that my purchase will take almost two months
Brenda: There seems to be dishonest there!..
Brenda: I been been told my purchase was shipped out but it does not two months for someone to receive their purchases
Brenda: I must be mistaking here but there is something else seems to be wrong here it does not take two months for someone to receive their orders.
Brenda: seems to be stalling around with my purchases I have open a dispute with paypal inregards to my purchases and claim the thing with paypal
Dick: and we can promise that you will get the items or the refund
Brenda: A dispute has been file against for not providing honest service
Brenda: I have been waiting for my remaining purchase a total of five items that I have not receive.I do not appreciate doing business with dishonest people
Brenda: Further action will be taken against for not providing honest service.Since I have not receive the rest of my purchases.I want my full refund back
Brenda: It has been almost two months anyone know it does not take months for someone to receive their purchases
Brenda: So that means my orders has never been shipped out
Brenda: Very dishonest
Brenda: I am the customer who purchase from and was not treated as a value customer
Brenda: Where is my purchase since keeps claiming both of my orders has been shipped!.. then where is it
Brenda: Some shipped time!...
Brenda: We both know is just full of crapp!.. Is that how you treat your customers who does business with you
Dick: because it had been shippped out by China Post surface mail which can not be tracked on line so for now we can not give you the answer
Brenda: Very disappointing!.. very disappoint!..
Dick: and according to our rules if the customers can not get the items over two months you will have the right to ask for a resend or a refund
My conversation from:
Brenda: Are you telling me I have to wait for three months before I receive the remaining five items I have not receive.Some bull!
Brenda: And call your selves a business company some business company!..
Brenda: I will never refer anyone to this dishonest company
Dick: because for now we can not confirm the package is on the way or lost because this shipping method always cost for a long time so for now we can not give you a refund

  • Customer Care's Response, May 11, 2016

    Dear Destiny23,
    I want to extend my sincere apologies for the problems you have experienced.We are here to help you.
    I have taken care of your complaint and offered a resolution via the ticket center.
    Again, I am sorry for the frustration this has caused you and hope that this will set things right.
    Sammydress Customer Service

Jan 26, 2015

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