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On 5/5/2017, I visited the Salem, Oregon location which I do weekly. On this day I came at 8:15 pm, and I know this is close to closing but this is the time I had this week. I am a regular customer that spends up to $100 per week at this location for many community endeavors and usually receive wonderful customer service and hospitality. Today, I encountered something I have never experienced in my life. I saw the MOD lady get on the loud speaker and demand everyone take their items to the front at 8:45??? (last call she said) Courtesy call is totally understandable but demand? Then she yelled out to the entire store "6 more minutes everyone!!!" I was still finishing up my decision on my items and she took my cart! I said this is my cart, and she replied " I guess you won't be needing this anymore." I was so shocked and confused that this was happening. A customer came in about this time and was turned away because "We are closing in 6 minutes." Really? At this point I was done, I let this employee know how this wasn't right. She said, "they wouldn't have their items prior to closing." Is this your policy to turn away customers that might get their items in enough time prior to closing? She gave me the have a great night after I explained my concerns with her behavior. I am close with this local community with many charities that involve this organization. I have items that I purchased last week that I plan on returning and washing my hands of this store. I expected more from this organization, the wonderful people at the Kroc Center make it hard to believe that this store and Kroc are ran by the same people. Its a shame that this is one person can effect someone's idea of the entire organization, but she learned it from someone. I expect an apology, refund of my purchased items ( I am aware of your policy about store credit, but you think I want store credit after this???), and a call from the regional manager to ensure I that this wont happen to anyone in my community again.

Thank you for your time,

J. Wilson

May 6, 2017

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