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Arrangements were made on the phone with a salvation army rep for a furniture donation last week. The pick up date was for Saturday . They advised me to call Saturday morning to get the three hour window for the pick up. I moved the bed (king sized), box spring, and bed frame down stairs to make it easier for them. I called Saturday morning and they proceeded to tell me that my information was not in the computer at all...and I would have to set it up all over again. I was very upset and decided to call on another day. On Tuesday, I called to make an appointment again!! I explained what had happened the past week and he (with Zero care and people skills...where do they find these gems that work there?) proceeded to tell me the three upcoming days that they had available. I decided on Friday but he then told me that he had waited and now he was on the Saturday page and couldn't go back. I told him that that was ridiculous, it should be very simple to click back to the Friday page. He then said that he now knows why my information got lost and hung up the phone. Extremely because of the salvation army's rude and incompetent worker, they are going to miss out on a large donation...and any future one I or my family might have.

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  • Jd
      7th of May, 2012

    I donated to them last month too. I never got a confirmation call with the time period as promised. Two RUDE workers showed up at my house and started taking the donations. They took bags of clothes and a sofa when I asked for a receipt for taxes and they told me to hold on --- they went to the truck and just left. They didn't even take the rest of the donations in the pile. I had unused boxed plates. I also had additional jewelry, artwork, etc. I never got my receipt! It's unfortunate but I will never donate to them again!

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  • Sk
      8th of May, 2012

    I'd be frustrated as well - but the Salvation Army is a charity, they NEED donations to continue operating.
    Not donating your goods to them will not punish the people who answered the phones - it will punish the people who are most needy.

    Please remember why you wanted to help in the first place and reconsider.

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  • M2
      9th of Jun, 2012

    Its Saturday and I just had a Salvation Army truck roll up to my house at 9 am. I did not call for my 3 hr window yet so I was surprised. Someone form SA called me and I explained I had not spoken to anyone about my 3 hr window. Needless to say I found his tone rude and condescending. The rep I spoke with last week did not give me a time frame to call in for my window, therefore, I was not fully prepared to have anyone enter my home at 9 am...I'm not even a morning person so that would not have been the 3 hr window I wanted them to come. To say the least the reps act as if they are doing me a favor. Lets be clear this is mutually beneficial people get donations and you get rid of unwanted stuff. I wouldn't call it junk b/c I have clothes with tag on them, shoes that have never been worn, and a solid wood dining room table I am using as we speak that any family would love. I can't stand for their tone so I will be calling the Lutheran Mission, Purple Heart, or someone else. I will still drop off to the Salvation Army but will never call them to pick up anything. So I would say if Salvation Army doesn't work for you still donate b/c there are plenty of companies that will pick up donations.

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  • Re
      23rd of Nov, 2015

    My cousin works at the front window and treated me so bad! Then I asked to make a complaint. Then the caption started yelling at me. And was treating me like I'm less than human. It's bad enough I need the help to put presents under the tree. And I'm so greatfull for help but no one should be treated that way!

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