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Canton Georgia Holly Springs, United States
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I worked for Sally's, I can say it is the worst company I have ever worked for. They treat there employees like trash . When I 1st started I had the best Manger ever well they transfered her to another store. After that it all went down hill and got so bad. We got a new store Manger that called me lazy rasits and stupid . Well to find out she stole almost $5, 000 Wirth of stuff and tried to blame in on me and others . She would clock in and leave all day. I would run the store by myself. She was taking money out of the register everyday and telling me I don't know how to count. Finally they caught her after about 10 different times I called home office and the District Manger. I thought it would stop then oh no, the stand in Manger changed my time took my time that I worked away. Called me a lair she had not been there even 2 weeks and gave me a bad review only because she was the best friend of the store Manger that got fired. This new Manger would change the schedule and not tell anyone. Then we would get wrote up for being late, I have been told I could not got to my appointment`s even when it was 40 minutes after I got off of work, because I needed to stay there and help train the new store Manger. I only was making $8.00 a hour really don't think so. I was so stressed I was loosing weight and my hair. I was sick to my stomach daily. DON'T EVER GO TO WORK FOR SALLY'S AT ALL YOU WILL WISH YOU NEVER HAD. They owe me money for hours worked they they don't want to pay for plus when my mom died they were suppose to pay me and now they still have not. There is not enough space to tell everything they have done to me so this is only a very small bit

Jan 8, 2017

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