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Sahara Movers & Packers / / Poor customer service & delivery!

1 India Review updated:

I asked for quotes from Aggrwal Packers/Goel Packers/ & Sahara Packers while shifting from Bangalore. The marketing Guy just came in and quoted a little below the others and I fell for it.

I made the following mistakes:

1. I chose them as the carrier. Pls pay 30%more and get ur baggage shipped instead of choosing Sahara. I had chosen Aggarwal Packers in the past and they were expensive but efficient. I know at least one colleague who chose Goel Packers and was happy.

2. Agreed to pay 100% advance And even paid Tips to the workers at source and destination.

3. I Believed them that they can store my domestic baggage for a few days in their warehouse and then ship it on time. Never take this approach. Always Try preferably booking a full sealed container that is shipped from source to destination.


1. Ask for breakup of the payment on the invoice/bill. Details of insurance(1.5% or 3 %). They just write anything and expect t be paid 100% Advance.

2. Customer service is extremely poor. You can see the difference after you’ve made the payment. They won’t answer the phone and DELAY their commitments.

3. The packing team was unexperienced and slow And cursing the business owners. The shipment started 3days after the promised starting date because I did not book a full container hence they clubbed it with another customer/vendor. I saw there were packets from some other Packer & Mover when the shipment arrived.

4. They just unloaded the consignment and said a separate unpacking team will arrive. Nobody came for 3 days and I finally unpacked on my own. One packet went missing and is still being traced.

Now I neither have the time or the patience to pursue or argue with them. I wish I had read these reviews. I fail to understand what makes them think that they can provide such service and get away with it.

Sahara Packers & Movers is STRONGLY Not Recommended.

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  • Ab
      31st of Aug, 2007
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    I totally agree to this, in fact i also happened to fall in their trap... they are doing noting but cheating, we should go to consumer court. They claim to have their office all over India and the fact is they only bangalore based... Big cheater... I request everyone just stay away from SAHARA Packers & movers...

  • Ds
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    Yes Guys, I do perfectly agree with you. My experience with Sahara packers and movers is horrible. It was a nightmare. Even they have threatened me to harm. They have quoted a price and after shifting the goods to their go down, they have asked me to pay 7,000 rupees extra for no reason. They told me that you had hidden some goods while our marketing guy was supervising. My goodness! I have only a couple of things to shift and as they came to know that I will be getting reimbursed from company, they could not resist their temptation. On delivery I found all of my crockery items were broken. Still I could not find my t-shirt and Jeans (new) which I brought from New Jersey. Guys, Please avoid this packers and movers. Pay 10% extra and go for Agarwal or any othter. They won't deliver your good on time. They will take in local trucks. They will not unpack your goods. They will charge extra money from you. They can abuse you and even they may not return your goods.

    So do not take chance and forward this message to as many people as possible.

  • Ds
      27th of Sep, 2007
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    Choose Sahara Packers and Movers at Your Own Peril. You are not going to get your goods back. Thats for sure.

    So You may throw your goods but do not go for Sahara Packers and Movers.

  • Am
      3rd of Oct, 2007
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    Brother your experience is still not as scary as mine. I employed AGS FOUR WINDS TRINITY REMOVALS and it being a MNC and having spoken right to the top most management in the company - Director including i have been made to realise by the company _ That they are dictators of their own accord and we are slaves with no rights and are strictly at the mercy.
    My house hold items are completely damaged and they are demanding to clear their bill before they proceed with the insurance claim.
    Also they have no quote on the damaged items apart from the listing... so not sure what they are upto. They have stopped responding to phone calls.
    Sad part is my 4 cartons handed over to them are still not delivered even after a month and as per them it is stolen. They have not been even sympathetic on this aspect.

  • Vi
      16th of Nov, 2007
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    Even I had bad experience with them. But luckily it was not as bad as those stated here.

    I was getting transferred from Bangalore to Cochin, and had called up for Sahara and Agarwal for quotation. Agarwal guys asked me the list of things and just told me a rough estimate. Sahara guy came right upfront and inspected my goods to give me a quote. Next time when I called Agarwal, they too did the same thing, but since I was very impressed with the first response from Agarwal, I choose Sahara. When giving the quote he had told that, Unloading in Kerala wont be taken care by the company, but they would do the unpacking, and if I book full truck load, it would be transferred by their own vehicle to Kerala.

    On packing day, two guys came home and started packing and it continued till late evening and finally myself along with my wife had to extend our help to get it completed.

    When it came to loading to the truck only, I came to know it was not Sahara's truck, they have hired a truck which came with some Pineapple load from Kerala (which was returning back), luckily those guys were really friendly, and gave me their mobile number and was in touch with me all the way from Bangalore to Kerala.

    In between these guys took some extra money telling that, check post entering to Kerala they might take bride. This money was never handed over to the driver nor returned back to me.

    Once my things were unloaded, I tried to reach these people and came to know that they didnt have any office in Kerala, and it would take a while to get it unpacked. Finally I myself had to do all the unpacking of goods.

    More than their service to be substandard, they were cheating the customers on their experience and services. But luckily the truck guys were good, and they took care of my belonging well (specially when it rained in between) and got the stuff without any damage or theft.

  • Ra
      3rd of Dec, 2007
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    I am another customer who is extremely dissatisfied with the service provided by Sahara. I sent my 2 wheeler from Bangalore to Pune last week. On phone the agent charged 2500 and when he came home he quoted 4000 with all different taxes. I refused to take their service and told him that i am not interested with their quotation as its different than what was offered to me on phone. Finally the agent by name Bhaskar who had come to pick my Vehicle agreed to take the vehicle to the same quotation as agreed on phone. He took the vehicle by issuing a receipt of 2500 and assured delivery within 2 day at Pune. I also gave him the photocopy of all the required documents of vehicle like RC Book, Emission test, Life Time Tax, Insurance copy and copy of my DL.

    After 2 days i got a call from the same guy Bhaskar who told that the vehicle has been seized by RTO and i need to pay 2500 Rs Fine to get it back. He also gave me the RTO officer number. When i called with the RTO officer, he told that the packers and movers have not shown any vehicle documents and it looks like they are stealing the vehicle. When i asked Bhaskar about it, he said that since i had not paid service tax he cannot show the documents and if i am interested i need to pay the fine and take the vehicle from there.

    Finally, i spoke with another person by taking the complaint number from their website and i am still following on the same but i have not got my vehicle even 9 days after its been taken from my Bangalore residence. The Sahara team wants me to pay the fine and collect the vehicle when it reaches my place. I am still expecting that my vehicle will reach my place.

    I agree with everyone that we could probably pay little more and get our goods transferred with the known good companies rather than negotiating for some money and getting in to trouble by choosing the ones like SAHARA.

    I have lost sleep and money on phone calls as my friend who is trying to help me with this from bangalore is making around 200 calls per day and there is no response as SAHARA is not sure where the vehicle is and they keep giving false assurance.

    Since this was the first time i used Packers and movers i have learnt a very good lesson. I insist everyone not to choose SAHARA even if they offer the best package and best service as u will end up loosing money and peace once they take your goods away from you.

  • Es
      30th of Dec, 2007
    0 Votes

    I agree with the complaint for sahara. They are crooks at the best. We had stored stuff worth 50K+ and later on asked them to move it to our in-laws. Knowing that we would not be there to take delivery because my inlways would take it, they stole goods worth 15k + several photoalbums (cannot be replaced :(
    Please do yourself a favor and do not take sahara packers. They are theifs and criminals at best.

  • De
      12th of Jan, 2008
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    Any comments on the Link packers and movers?

  • Sh
      1st of Apr, 2008
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    We had an extremely bad experiance with these guys. Initially they gave us the quote and told that 4 packers would come in early morning to pack the stuff but eventually only 2 guys came.

    Till afternoon only 20% of the stuff was packed. Despite calling them again and again no help came from them and thereafter they stopped picking the calls.

    Then cartons got finished and they refused to send more cartons...!!! Just imagine how to pack without cartons.

    We purchased own cartons.
    Then at 7 in the eveing they finished 50% of the stuff and they told us we would load the truck and remaining they would finsh later. We agreed. They were able to unload the truck only till in night since they were only 2 people.

    the marketing manager SUMIT said they cant do second trip as it would cost extra. Despite all the mess they had created the way they spoke was so bad.

    We decided to go back at 11.00 pm in night to pack the remaining stuff . Whole night these two guys were packing the stuff and unloading the truck finished at 10.00 am next morning.



  • Ra
      19th of Jun, 2008
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    I am another person here I had sent from bangalore to delhi on 7th June and till today after 12th day I havent received the consigment.No one is picking the calls there.
    Guys anyone knows where their godown is in NCR?I cant find it in the website.

  • Za
      24th of Sep, 2008
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  • An
      25th of Oct, 2008
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    If we are talking about the same firm First Sahara Packers & Movers with a branch in Delhi, don’t ever use them. Very sweet to talk to, but the guy is a ###. It seems they have offices in different cities. I dealt with a Sikh named – Paramjeet Singh in Delhi. They have offices in Manak Vihar Extension, Subhash Nagar, New Delhi. They are cheats. I wish I had read these reviews. I would never have dealt with them.

    I gave them the shipment to be taken out of Delhi. Was quoted one price. Once the shipment got picked, they asked for me almost 60-70% more using one excuse or the other, and then refused to deliver, till the amount was given, and then, the icing on the case was they took a huge demurrage before delivery again.

    I would suggest – use a known (even expensive) firm, at least you would know what you are getting into, and in the end, it would work out cheaper. At least, an establish company would want to keep it’s reputation. Not people like him.

  • Ra
      25th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    my experience was very good with Sahara packers every thing was on time and perfect and safe delivery

  • Ak
      26th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    Sorry guys, i disagree with your comments. As I am a regular customer to sahara packers never come across such problem

  • Ze
      26th of Nov, 2008
    -1 Votes

    I disgree with above comments, they have good customer service and efficient to use

  • Pr
      3rd of Mar, 2009
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    I got my goods transported from Bangalore to Hyderabad on 28th Feb 2009 by Sahara Packers and Movers.
    I was promised and got a quotation for the goods that would be packed, loaded, unloaded and unpacked.
    I was also told that the goods would be delivered to me on 1st March 2009.
    There was no communication given to me till the afternoon of 2nd March 2009.
    I had to follow up with them and finally somebody called me and my goods were delivered to me around 2PM on 2nd March 2009.
    But it was just unloaded and not unpacked.
    I had to call the concerned person Bhaskar (Ph : 9611622866) in the Bangalore office and he told me that somebody would come around 4PM and and unpack the goods.
    I had to wait till 4:30 and call him again and he said somebody would come in 30 mins.
    And I had to follow up multiple times but there was nobody to unpack my goods.
    My house is filled with these boxes and its causing a lot of discomfort to everybody at home.
    And Bhaskar stopped attending my calls aswell.
    Then I called the number provided for Complaints and Suggestions on the webiste and Sunil (Ph : 9880078888) attaned my call.
    I was told that the people in the Hyd branch were bust and somebody would come only by the evening of 3rd March 2009.
    Sunil provoked me so much that I told them I cant wait till that time as its causing a lot of discomfort to me and I would file a case against them if somebody is not sent.
    Sunil threatened me that he would not send anybody and asked me to file a case and he would meet me in the court.
    I called Bhaskar again on 3rd March 2009 and he told that somebody is coming from Blore with 3 other consignments and he would unpack those 3 consignments and then come to unpack my consignment.
    And Bhaskar even told me that "there is no other option but to wait till 4th March 2009" which is not acceptable.
    And everybody who attend the calls are so RUDE.
    I contacted the numbers given on the site for Hyd Sahara packers but they said its "Global Packers and Movers" and they are ready to send their people if Sahara blore sends them a message.
    Now I need a confirmation from Sahara Packers and Movers that if I open the boxes and find any damage to any of my goods, I would get the insurance claimed.
    I would like to let you know that if there is no response from your side or if somebody is not sent to unpack my goods before 4PM on 3rd March 2009, I would take it that I can open the boxes and insurance can be claimed for any damages.
    And I would not be held responsible for the carton boxes belonging to Sahara.

    Prashant G
    Ph : 9945311606

  • An
      15th of Apr, 2009
    0 Votes

    Can anybody help me with the "Bluedort packers & movers"Bangalore? Its urgent coz i had to give them money in 2 days as they had asked for100% advance.
    My shipment is be done from Bangalore to Kolkata.

    This is my first time so i don't want to suffer as you guys did in past.


  • Pr
      17th of Jan, 2010
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    My booking number is - 102661

    I had shifted half of my household items from Chennai to Mumbai in August 2008 and the remaining half I had asked Sahara Packers (Represented by Rajesh - 9380211333) to put in storage as I wanted to keep it in my house in Chennai itself.

    The delivery to Mumbai was delivered on time and without damage though with a few irregularities
    1) The driver calls to tell me that I have to pay octroi for the car which they were driving in. When I said I will come down to sort it out they delivered it without a murmur. What if i didnt know the law.
    2) When the truck reached mumbai, the driver calls to say that I have to pay octroi for my two wheelers, I ask them to get me the receipts which they dont and still demands the money that they allegedly paid as bribe to avoid paying octroi. is this a Sahara prescribed practice.

    These two incidents alone constitutes of attempts to cheat by Sahara Packers and Movers employees.

    The delivery to Chennai was also done on time without any damage but again with a small irregularity
    1) There was two gas cylinders one-full and the another empty. The empty one was delivered where as the other one was not. When I discovered the missing cylinder your staff had the audacity to tell me that they were using the cylinder and will deliver it asap. I have been following up on a weekly basis with Mr Rajesh who always promises to deliver it within a day but has not delivered it till now.

    I had to change all tyres (5) of my car. I attributed that to wear and tear but today I wonder if your employees has changed all the tyres with old ones. Now Iam not sure if your employees has not pilfered from the rest of my cargo as I have no record of what went into each carton.

  • Ku
      29th of Apr, 2010
    0 Votes

    Literllay cheaters...!! Most Junk Movers & packers. I've been literally cheated by these guys.
    They have various branches across the cities, but no sync up. Once you give your goods to them. God only knows how & when it will be receavable to you.

    The damages would be around 40% and no ones takes responsibilty and they are goondas...!! i dont know much of foul words to talk about them..

    Everafter so many complaints, if they are surviving, itself shows that how much shamless guys and goondas they are...

    I wish i could post to the news channels & news papers, so that no one else will be cheated by them.

  • Ta
      3rd of Aug, 2010
    0 Votes

    i totally agree, ths mothr f b... hav troubled my frnds family a lot and the marketing manager aftr the 100% payment is actng very rude...
    wht can we do??? plz mail me some suggetions i wanna screw them royally.

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