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F Jul 20, 2016

We ordered two new doors from SafeStyle UK believing we would get good customer service from such a large business. It took them 5 visits to our property - the only one they arrived to on time was one that was not booked with us and we were away getting an early morning phone call from someone wanting to gain access to the property. The doors they fitted originally were not in perfect condition. In fact on inspection by a second installation man we were told one should not have been fitted at all! He still managed to not forward on the incriminating photos so the door was never ordered...

After waiting in five times and being promised first calls between 8.30-9.30 which never happened with one department blaming another, and speaking to one individual who was extremely rude the doors have finally been fitted.

We were unable to register a complaint until the work was completed. We were already paying for the doors as we took out the finance option. As we were unable to stop payments to this third party they seemed unconcerned with our issues or any sense of urgency. Our hands were tied

I registered a complaint two days ago to the depot manager who's address I was given. I had no reply. I have chased today for acknowledgement of my email. Nothing.

I cannot encourage people enough to NOT use this company. I have never been so astounded at how wrong they got their service. In all this there was only one person I spoke to who was helpful and apologetic and I would imagine he is the lowest paid person in the office. He is a credit to the company and should maybe consider setting up on his own!

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