Safelite Auto Glass / Appear to lie to void warranty

Fairfield OH, United States

I had my windshield replaced by Safelite via a comprehensive claim on my auto insurance due to a small chip caused by an object from the road.Less than two months later, I noticed a small linear crack descending from the top center of the new windshield.
Nothing new had struck the windshield. When I came outside the next morning, the crack had grown by several inches and was now L-shaped. I called my insurance company. They said that as there had been no further strike to the windshield, I would need to contact Safelite for a warranty replacement.
I contacted Safelite and they came out promptly to my tell me that they would not honor my "lifetime warranty". Their technician stated that the crack to my windshield was clearly caused by road debris and I would need to file a claim with my insurance company. Where he screwed up, however, was that the mark he cited as evidence, which was on the front edge of my vehicle's roof, was more than a year old and in fact had been noted in the work done by Safelite on the ORIGINAL windshield replacement. End of story?
Safelite replaced the windshield for free (who knows if it will crack again or not?), but ONLY after I had to go back to my insurance company, get an adjuster to schedule an examination of the vehicle (his conclusions were the same as mine), and wait for the insurance company to fight it our with Safelite. Took five days, with crack getting bigger all of the time. How many people would have just given up and just paid to get the *** thing fixed?!?!
Seems to pretty strongly suggest that this is go-to strategy on the part of Safelite.Beware.

Aug 18, 2014

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