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Safeco needs to stop playing games, take 100% responsibility, and fix my car.

I loaned my son my car to pick up pizza. He was at a complete stop in the parking lot (tiny car) and a short guy in a big truck backed into him with his extended trailer hitch. The hitch on the truck punched a hole in the front fender and broke the bumper of my car. Immediately the truck driver started blaming my son for being behind him. Magically, the driver agreed to exchange insurance information once an adult family friend, in the same parking lot walked over to see the damage. Now Safeco insurance company only wants to pay 80% because "my son should have anticipated the guy would back-up his big truck without looking behind him first and move out of the way." Really?! What kind of logic is that?
So my son is 20% responsible because he was in the parking lot? He couldn't move forward or backward. If he had moved, the bumper of the truck would have hit my car and caused more damage than just the trailer hitch punching a hole in the fender and breaking the bumper.
My son was stopped to let another car out so he could take the open spot. Where exactly was he supposed to go?! The parking lot is SMALL, just like my car! I'm not out to benefit financially. I just want my car fixed back to the way it was BEFORE the Safeco insured person smashed into my car. Make sense?!

Safeco requested I call my insurance carrier if I didn't like or agree with their 80/20 decision. I did call my insurance carrier and they said, "the 80/20 thing is ridiculous because now Safeco is not only making the guy who hit my car suffer by increasing his rates but also trying to make me suffer by reporting a claim to my insurance company which will make me lose my safe driver discount of about $300.00 per year."

Per insurance adjuster:
"Hi Cynthia, if the man was backing it should be his fault. It's the truck driver's fault, which is why people should park so they don't have to back out. It's better to back into the parking spot. At least you can see everything around you at that time."

I'd like to thank Safeco for selling me on the benefits of dash cameras. If I'd had one in January they'd see their customer is a LIAR and was not paying attention to his surroundings when he backed into my car. Safeco needs to stop playing games, take 100% responsibility, and fix my car.

SafeCo Insurance

Feb 10, 2015
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    SafeCo Insurance - Safeco Insurance been playing with my policy
    Safeco Insurance
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    Safeco Insurance been playing with my policy. A first i ask for my dedactible be a$100 and when they renew my policy did change to $500 . and then i only want auto insurance so they add me rental home policy wish i never order they charge over a year for rentol home i live in aparment, and they i told then to take out one of my car they didn't they charge one month more, they were taking the payment frm my bank acc#

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