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I book two tickets for my Parents from OR Tambo to Port Elizabeth on Sunday 6H30 . Long before this date I made contact with Safair to arrange special needs for my 81 and 84 year old parents. I asked for Wheelchair assistance. When booking them in at the airport I first had to askedd where is the support. Only then the consultant who booked them in told me he will be their escort. My friend asked at the wheelchairs support office where the wheelchairs is and he was informed that it is on the way. At this moment the person who will support my parents asked them to go through the security gated where the crew check in. Still at this stage I could see my parents but no wheelchairs and the support staff was not really eager to assist them. They were advise to go through the door at the back and then my parents was out of sight.

My parents had to carry their own luggage and they had to walk to the plain.

Why did your company acknowledge that there will be support via email and then your staff don't care. As long as I can I will never have a good word for SAFAIR and where I go I will tell all how bad the service is

Apr 10, 2016

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