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I received a sms in October 2010 from a company called VVM Inc., claiming that I owe the SABC R6666.80. I explained to them and to the SABC that I cancelled my license with the SABC after we got married. I even faxed and mailed the SABC after the people at VVM do not want to listen to any reason. I have a copy of that letter faxed, in October 2010, to them with me. Now after 20 years I got this messages. Yesterday I got the same message and amount again. Is this company called VVM Inc, someone that want to steal my money? Their tel no is [protected]
Our account with SABC under my wife's name, Mrs TN du Preez is [protected]


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      Jan 05, 2012

    Is their modus operandi maybe, that if they can not force monies out of you now that are not due to them, they can steal millions from people estates when they die? You just have to go on to the website to see, what a futile exercise it is to close a TV Licence account with just higher debt being incurred every year. They use bully tactics that you first have to pay the alleged debt, before they can close your account, which they offcourse in many instances never do. Because when you pay, their argument will be the following year that you admitted that you had a TV by paying for a television license account. It is far to late for these companies to claim innocense.

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      Jan 28, 2012

    I want to let you know that we TV license payers notice when you just cut things out of programs. You recently cut out 4 acts out of America got talent. As if we do not notice things like this. Please at least inform us of changes and if the program do not fit into the time schedule allocated for it, split it into two programs. There is so little to watch on TV, it is highly frustrated if you broadcast the decent programs half heartedly like you do. I would really appreciate a response

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      Mar 18, 2012

    I received an SMS from VVM that I owe SABC R2700.00. I tried to explain nicely to them that the area am staying(RDP house) was not electrified between 2004 and 2010. hence is beyond my control. I bought it after 2004 as I was having cash by then hoping that soon our area will be electrified, normal empty promises from our leaders. I even went to my local municipality to get letter as a proof but they insist that I must pay. For me to pay for the service am not getting is a crime. if SABC get away with it, it tells us crime is legalised in our country. I am willing to pay 2011.

    NG Ntsoane

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      Mar 12, 2013

    My dad passed away in 2004. They now want r5500. And an affidavit of what happened to the tv set. Ridiculous. And the lot at VVM have such bad manners. Horrible service from both sabc and vvm. Been trying to resolve for long time now

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      Jul 25, 2014

    I want to know WHY is there no more omnibus for Saath Saath on sabc 2 I'm working and can't watch it at 15h00 Please give us a answer

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      Jul 25, 2014

    I want to know Why is there no more omnibus for Saath Saath on SABC 2 I'am working and can't watch it at 15h00.So please bring it back on Saturdays nights This will be the 2nd week now What is going on.

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