SA Post OfficeThis is no way to be a manager

I am writing on behalf of myself, and at least two other people who experienced the same attitude from the postmastermanager at Matieland Post Office, Die Neelsie, Stellenbosch.

His rude rasist remarks towards white customers, as well as his unmannered way of addressing the ladies working at the postoffice, is absolutely appaling.

If anyone has a problem, and he has to solve it, he doesn't care hurting people's feelings with his rasist remarks, even as they leave the post office - close enough for them to hear it. He is forever making remarks like 'it is because i am a coloured man' and he feels sorry for the chip on his shoulder, he forgets to be polite towards customers and co-workers.

This is NO way for a man of his stature to behave towards customers. If his attitude and rasism doesn't stop soon, i will have no choice but to report him. Customers are truely sick and tired of his manners.

Please sort him out, as our country does not need people like him - he is treated with respect from the public, surely he knows how to behave like an adult? If he has a problem with ONE customer, surely he can not judge the other 999 in the same way?

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