Eezi Move Complaints & Reviews

Eezi MoveService delivery and refunds

Eezi provided me with a quote and I paid the deposit a month in advance. When I tried to change the date for my move the next day, I could not get a hold of the booking agent Burnett Pawson.

I tried calling for 4 days, and the call centre agent kept telling me that “Burnett isn’t available, I will take a message”. After 10 messages, even she was exhausted of telling me the same thing.

I then spoke to the manager, Chris, and demanded for a refund on my deposit because no one in the company can assist me to move the date, except for the designated Booking agent. And he never returned my call.
After week of demanding for a refund of my deposit and Eezi move confirming my banking details, still no refund was processed.
I have left 3 messages for the manager and he still hasn't contacted me

Eezi MoveUnethical behaviour by Furniture Mover

I took Eezi Move to one of our customers (Clear Window) to give us a quote to move the customer's furniture (substantial contract) as part of a bigger contract that we have with the customer. They went behind our back, gave the customer a quote direct and refused to respond to any enquiries that we made afterwards.

It is really sad that long established companies resort to this type of behaviour to secure a contract.

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    BothaSakkie Mar 29, 2019

    This was rely the worst experience I had with a company that boost themselves as professional!!!

    Workers refused to move garden furniture that two schoolboys carried and loaded on a LDV!!

    They decided it was to heavy even though it can be taken apart!! This was part of my contract which they said I did not confirm

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Eezi MoveDamaged property, poor service

The company was contracted to move my furniture and appliances from one location to another. The movers damaged my walls (which i repaired at my own cost), washing machine, fridge, dinigroom table, queen base and various other items. They also stole a bottle of whiskey while in transit. I received no apology, after numerous attempts to contact them, and they just ignore all my correspondence.

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    BothaSakkie Mar 29, 2019

    I can belief that!!! They use people that is lazy and just incompetent to do their work. they are useless

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