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Ashwood Park, Naperville, IL
Hope someone benefits reading these reviews and doesn't get duped by Ryan Homes. They have the worst customer service, they won't even treat you as a customer after signing the contract. They behave like they are doing you favors.

You won't work with the same sales rep from start to finish. In the Ashwood Park, Naperville subdivision they had 6 sales people in one year. They will use each and every cheap trick to squeeze money. They will not give you a lot of things in writing and will promise lot of things before signing the contract.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Naperville, IL Then the new sales person will say that they don't know what the previous sales person told you. They will show you something and give you something else.

Their warranty service is even worse. When building or during closing they will say that warranty will take care of any defects and when the time comes they'll come up with silly reasons to not fix stuff. Their use delay tactics and try to frustrate you as much as they can until you give up.

The neighbors in the Ashwood Park, Naperville subdivision are really nice. Knock their door or stop by to listen to their nightmares with Ryan Homes.

Jul 30, 2015
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  • Rl
      Dec 15, 2015

    Avondale Park is a beautiful community and our experience purchasing there with Ryan Homes has been exceptional.

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  • Ap
      Jun 28, 2016

    Run away from them. Cheap quality construction and untrustworthy, unethical people. Everyone who bought from them has issues and headaches. We regret buying from them and should have gone with other builders in the Ashwood Park sub division. We had problems since the day we signed the contract.

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  • Co
      Dec 06, 2016

    Run away from the builder in Ashwood Park, Naperville. Forget about the cheap quality of material and workmanship, they are worst people to deal / work with. Absolutely horrible!!! Once they lock you down into a contract you will see the reality. Don't be fooled with their lower prices comparing them to other builders. Of course you get what you pay for but you also get a whole lot of headaches and frustration with this builder. They will use the cheapest possible short cuts and material to build your house with the mindset that they will patch things if they break during the 1 year warranty period. Lot of owners have continued issues after the warranty period and regret buying from Ryan Homes. If they can't fix, then they will keep postponing it giving random reasons and they will get you to talk to the manufacturer of the products and what ever they can to frustrate you. End of the day they want you to just give up. Such shameless people!!!

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