RushCard / my direct deposit not posted and delayed I was told? from visiting angels in knoxville tnl.

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My direct deposit from visiting angels in Knoxville tn was deposited to metabank on Tuesday march 212017 and I still haven't got it .I rakked to a very representative that was a male on the phone around 630am wgo told me I'm not getting my money til friday and I can't gave that I have to have my money today as always . now please put the money into my account .i got the deposit from my other checkyesterday deom right at home healthcare thats not the one im talking about it.this one is 300$ from visiting angels that i need as well u an send it this morning i can't wait til tomorrow morning when it was out to the bank two days ago . I can't wait til Friday morning psi please help znd send it all back to me thiz morning .I'd so appreciate it I'm getting very upset when ur employees said that I was furious then the next time I called a nicelady told me its gonna be today prob this mornng cause everyone's complaining she said. So I sure hope I dont have time my number on my card us [protected] .exp 09/19. Back of card is 910 my name is wendy anjanette ball i lived at 137 meadowview ln Powell tn 37849. Social is [protected] .anyways please get me my 300$ asap I have people waiting to catch a plane this morning at 10 am that I have to run this money to where there was a death in the family they be there in new york by tomorrow morning or they miss the funeral . so please get thos money to me im trying to mot freak out I told them id have it to them why do u all always seem to have problems when I need the money so bad .I'm going to haveto switch cards im.telling you im so tired of this kind of stuff appening to my account.alao why does ut say I have multiple accounts I just need the one with o6175 my number is [protected] if you could please call me if he money hasn't gone in yet im fixing to start blowing it up asking for the deposit to be there .I hope its there in few minutes by 8am like very Thursday I will not get mad yet iok 8am thank you very much wendy ball please get this straightened out asap if its not already .

Mar 23, 2017

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