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Rush Card received my tax refund on 03/10/2012. The tax refund was from a joint return. Rush Card had me to fax over a copy of both my spouse and I tax forms, ssn cards, untility bills, drivers license and marriage certificate. After submitting this information over 7 different times to them via email (which is non-secure), Rush Card sent our tax refund back to the IRS. Emails they sent stated the Tax refund was going to be released within 30 minutes of receiving the documents never happened. We received a email stating our information was invalid. When questioned, we were told that they are sorry but they do not allow third party deposits UNLESS it was from a spouse. This was crazy because the individual was my spouse and was proven with our marriage certificate and other documents. They also sent emails stating that information we submit is only used to look at then it is shredded. This is a flag as well. Why have customers send all this information to have it shredded later. Another thing, customer service reps are NOT allowed to see your personal information, but when you contact Rush Services, they can tell you what you submitted and look right at it while you are talking to them over the phone. So privacy...YOU MIGHT AS WELL FORGET IT!

Needless to say, we contacted the IRS and let them know what happened. They will send out a paper check within another 4-6 weeks or longer. This was a hassle that was not necessary. Others have been complaining and I just hope people look at the Rush Card as a lesson learned and one to stay away from.

Also, we were told to file a complaint with the FDIC. Rush Card says they will comply because it was the IRS fault that they didn't list both parties name on the direct deposit. FYI: The IRS confirmed both parties are on the direct deposit.

The government need to really take a good look into Rush Card and see all these complaints about what they are doing to people. Also, has anyone ever thought about the fact that our money Rush Card holds within the JP Morgan Bank draws interest...which means...they are making loads of money off the refunds or other direct deposits they decide to hold. Look around the sites and BBB and you will know what most people are complaining about.

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  • Il
      Apr 20, 2012

    RushCard is BAD!!! I applied for a card but never authorized my Social Security Checks to Direct Deposited. I received an email stating this, "Congratulations! We have successfully set up direct deposit of the following federal benefits to your PinkDiamond (xx8004)". I called their customer 2 times. First time was to cancel the account, but the customer service from India told me, after waiting 30 minutes and bad customer service, that my checks will not be deposited to the account because I need to sign an authorization or contact the Payee myself. Second time was to confirm the first one's response and who talked me into keeping the account open. Well, the 1st of the month came and my Social Security check was deposited to RushCard without my authorization. Now, I wlll file a lawsuit against RushCard for their illegal process. PEOPLE, STAY AWAY FROM RUSHCARD!!!

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  • Pa
      May 06, 2012

    Rush Card is running a scam on people who use the debit card to direct deposit their income taxes. How they do it is they wait until the amount is posted, then after you use the card a few times, they block your card and claim that there was some type of fraudulent activity that took place on your card. After that they ask you to fax a copy of your SS card, a photo ID, and some proof of address such as a utility bill. Once you fax over the documents, all they do is keep telling you that they either didn't receive the documents, or that they still haven't received an update on the status of the validation of them from their corporate office. They won't give you the corporate offices physical address or any names of any corporate officers. They do this with the intention of keeping your money and hoping that you will just get tired of pursuing your money and just chalk it up as a loss. Rush Card is the worst debit card company out there and they are using this scam on thousands of hardworking Americans. Do NOT DEAL WITH THEM!!

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  • Ab
      Jan 17, 2013

    Today I had my paycheck direct deposited to my husbands RushCard account (cause I don't have a bank account). It was never deposited, so I call them and they tell me that they are holding it because they don't do third party sharing. This boggles me... no where in their policies and procedures or terms of use does it say that they do not allow it, however it does state that they do 3rd party sharing which is also interesting. So they basically made me get a card and have it transferred onto that card but it will take 7-10 business days and I need it NOW!!! Then me and my husband asked if we can transfer it over from my new account to his account and they tell me NO, BECAUSE I HAVE TO PHYSICALLY HAVE THE CARD. I am furious with them and once I do take my money off this card, I will not be dealing with them. I was going to use them for my tax refund but I can not risk another incident like this happening.

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  • Ne
      Mar 27, 2013

    Ughhh i filed jan 30 so i have been waiting for them to clear it
    They cleared it and im so mad because i didn see all of these complaints
    Before i got mines direct deposited onto the rush card its 3/27 so i am very mad at
    At the fact they holding my money she said they got the fa
    x i sent nw i have to wait 1 to 2 buisness days which makes me even madder... Ugh never again will i, use the RUSH CARD ITS A BUNCH OF BS!!! Has anyone actually recived there money when they say it would be there.. Help im going nuts i have bills and 2 kids

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  • Co
      Sep 05, 2013

    I used my rush card to deposit my taxes, rush card wanted me to fax a copy of my taxes and id so I did. The next day I called for them to tell me they sent my taxes back to the IRS . I am so pissed I could not get a straight answer out of anyone and was hung up on after I posed a line of questions. Do not use Rush Card. Now I have to wait for a paper check. So upset because I don't know how long this process will take.

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  • Ce
      May 30, 2015

    Cecilia Harris
    Rush has put a block on my card and had me send in all this information about myself and they will still not release my account.. They are rude and they are liars... Do not use them they are scams... And they are still holding my money it has been 5days when they said it will take 1to two business days. Do not use them..

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  • Ke
      Aug 11, 2015

    They have taken my money to now who knows a good lawyer

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  • Oc
      Oct 18, 2015

    My check forom my payroll dept from my job The Compass Group was sent to them 10-13 check dated for 10-16 I have not received it yet. I was told several times it would deposit in a matter of hours .I t has not done so yet. I will be rewuesting my amount get returned to the employer foling a a police report and with FDIC. They have stolen our money and wont retirn it. I have run out of everything. Iam vety sick and cant get thecmedicine I need. Running out of food and bills are late. I will be suing Rushcard.

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  • Ih
      Jan 20, 2016

    I been waiting over 4 months to get reimburse my 107.17 from rush card and they refuse to give it to me
    Its January 20 2016

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  • Se
      Mar 29, 2016

    So I got my school refund deposited onto my Rushcard. I was able to use the card for about a week. They blocked my account and now $1, 709 is just sitting on a card that I can't use. I have called several times only to be told to send in an I'd and recent utility bill. I hate this card service and will never use them again!

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  • Pr
      Feb 21, 2017

    I also had to send in I'd and SS cards cause my tax refund was over the limit. So pissed

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  • Rh
      Feb 24, 2017

    I also had to send in forms and called back and they said they never received them. I've been with them 7 years and had direct deposit and income tax deposited every time never a problem, but now they said it was because it was over limitandcyet I get to find a actual limit anywhere that states all this their saying that must be done. I'll be talking to a lawyer in the morning

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  • Sh
      Mar 11, 2017

    I hate rush card so much ... again I'm going through some bs with them just as I did last year. I got my Irs refund deposited into a rush card and I ordered a rush card because I lost the one from last year. They never sent my card to my address and said it was returned and then when I requested for another one they told me I need to review my identity and fax over paper work .. I have done it 2xs and they said it's not clear so they are holding my refund hostage... I'm reporting this company to everyone I can think of because I want my money away from this company... they have horrible service and they play to many games.

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  • Bu
      Mar 20, 2017

    They double hit my card a min apart when I swipe it at a hotel. I caught it quick and called Rush, they talked to the manager and had them to fax over info to release my money. They wanted to put the blame on the hotel and not take fault that it was their fault. I been arguing with them from the time it happened N all I got is lies. It's supposed to release my funds as soon as they got the fax and they didn't. They are full of ### and make U go through so much over your money. They need to get rid of those foreigners they use for customer care.

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