RugsUSA / Slow delivery and charged for their error

United States

RUGSUSA: I waited over 4 weeks for delivery of one rug and two carpet pads. Couldn't contact them by phone; no answer. Their "Live Chat" did not exist. E-mailed them 4 times, no answer. After 5 attempts, finally a customer rep answered the phone. When the pads were finally delivered, one of them was apparently the wrong size. I did not realize this. Also, this so-called pad was no more than a thin sheet of non-skid material, less impressive than shelf lining available at Walmart. I cut it to fit and placed it under my rug in the kitchen which I was finally able to use after a 4 week wait. Three weeks later, I receive an e-mail from RUGSUSA to tell me that the "pad" was the wrong size and since I had opened the package, the company was going to bill me an additional $20. Thanks for the service; I guess their e-mail works fine when they want some more money. I will never use this company again.


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