RugsUSA / Never received product. Pathetic exuse for customer &service&

United States

DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. I found the rug I was looking for online through rugs usa on sale, much cheaper than anywhere else, AND there is no sales tax or shipping charges. Always remember, if it sounds to good to be true, it is. I'm sure their products are of good quality, although Ive never received the rug I purchased three months ago, so I cannot say.

What I can share is my horrendous experiences with their customer service team. You will be on hold for a minimum of 16 minutes each time. While you are calling, while they are looking up your order, oh and if of course, they hang up on you. Accidentally or not. This is a huge internet company, and I asked one of their reps Jenell how many reps they have. After my experiences I am certain this is a small company. THEY HAVE 10 REPS. Nice.

I'm sure I have spoken to at least half in my three month roller coaster ride. NONE have followed through at any time, although they seem nice IF you reach someone that doesnt disconnect you. I have been told I would receive an email regarding my order and someone would call me back a hand full of times. None have happened, each time I call back and attempt to pick up where the last rep and I left off. I read a lot of ugly reviews regarding customer service prior to ordering, but thought eh, hopefully I'll get my product and I should never need to contact them.

My rug was supposedly delivered and stolen from my home. Which is why I have never received my rug. All I was is the product I paid for three months ago. In the three months UPS has investigated and shown up at my door... AGAIN. DO NOT BUY FROM THISCOMPANY, The hassle isnt worth the savings. And on the off chance that anything happens to your order, credit card charges, or product this company does not have adequate customer service to help you with anything.


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