Rugs USAPattern of not fulfilling confirmed shipped orders

Twice in the past few months I placed an order for 2 clearance sale rugs, twice the orders were confirmed, including emails confirming that the orders were shipped. The orders were not shipped. No one contacted me other than to review my satisfaction with the rugs. I called last week and was told I would receive a follow up phone call that same day. I did not hear back. Today, Heather V. tried to justify this by saying that status of items on the website are not maintained (as if that is ok) and that I should somehow have known this and called when ordering online to verify that items being advertised as available on the website are actually available. Not getting confirmed and paid for and so called shipped orders is MY fault per Heather. Really? Also, Heather said she doesn't care if I give them a bad review. Well Heather, I believe you and your company don't care that they poor business practices.

Jan 23, 2017

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