Rugs USA / Wrong rug, won't ship return label

Columbus, OH, United States

I really wish I would of looked up the complaints on RUGS USA before purchasing! You are all correct! HORRIBLE CUSTOMER service. I am sick of hearing "we are sorry for your inconvenience!" They shipped me the wrong wrong a week ago. I've been on the phone twice, 25 min. the first time on hold, 14 the next and 4 online chats, at least 5 emails back and forth. I was told the first day that I called that they would simply send a UPS shipping label to me via email, I would send it and then wait another week and my rug would be there!
Okay, no big deal right, things happen, mix ups etc. Well, a day passes, still no email of the shipping label. Then I find out it takes them 2-4 business days to send out a label via email!!! How crazy is that! We all know it doesn't take THAT long!

So, here I am a week has passed now and I still do not have an email with a shipping label. Though when I talked via chat with them today they commented that I SHOULD get the label today! SHOULD!!! So it's been 4 hours since then, still not shipping label!

Someone said it right, I was charged very quickly, but just am not getting much action from them! Horrible company and absurd customer service!

Though the price was right, the service sucks!

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