Ruby Tuesday / unethical behavior and poor service

Today, Sunday 4/17 around 2:30, my daughter and I ate lunch at the Ruby Tuesday, 7209, in Biddeford in Maine. The number on my receipt is, chk 4845.

Upon arriving I told the waitress I had a dairy allergy. She gave me the allergy menu and said we take allergies seriously. I told her it was great to have the menu broke down this way for people with allergies. I ordered the baby half back barbecue ribs with broccoli and zucchini, all of which was on the milk menu.

When the meal arrived the waitress, Chrissy (1047), said the broccoli was cooked in a garlic butter sauce and she didn't know if I was allergic to milk or all dairy. I said I couldn't eat that if it had butter that I am like I said allergic to all dairy. Then she said, "No I said it doesn't have butter." This did not make sense to me so I didn't eat the broccoli just to be safe. I double checked to see what my daughter heard and she heard that it did have butter then she heard her switch the story to no. I did eat some of the zucchini. My mouth and lips began to feel weird.

We left the restaurant and my symptoms began to get worse. I was an hour and half away from home but called back to the restaurant while I was driving. I asked to speak with the manager, who was gruff and rude until her understood the above story. It was during this conversation that I asked if the zucchini was cooked the same way and he said yes. Apparently, if it is on the menu it still needs to be communicated to the cook and cooked differently. The manager said that they cook with margarine. I informed him that margarine contains milk. He said he was glad that my reaction was not bad and he would talk to the waitress.

My reaction became worse over time and took nearly 5 ½ hours to go away. But the issue is that the waitress lied and changed her story about how the broccoli was cooked even though she clearly knew about my dairy food allergy. The manager never offered to credit my meal. Had an anaphylaxis reaction happened due to this negligent behavior I could have died but did lose an evening's worth of work.

Our service as a whole was very slow, taking an hour and half because she never returned to the table regularly and never brought water we asked for. Our server complained about her job and what she is asked to do, to us and those sitting near us.

I am horrified about our visit. I want some restitution.

I can be reached at [protected]

Ruby Tuesday

Apr 17, 2016

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