Ruby Tuesday / the whole service

Bloomfield, ConnecticutBloomfield, United States

I was extremely disappointed in the service at this location this evening. First I want to say that I've been to the Bloomfield location on many occasions and have never received such terrible service! It took our waiter 15 minutes to get our drink order, we waited another 15 minutes to get our drinks. 20 minutes for him to come back to take our order. We ordered an appetizer which came out 30 minutes later and our dinner took another 25minutes after that. The table next to us was seated 15 minutes after we got there and they made a complaint and got their food right away. At the same time they made their complaint my husband asked where ours was and the manager brushed it off quickly saying they are behind but it would be out shortly. Another 10 minutes and we finally got our food. There were very few customers in the restaurant so I'm not sure what the issue was but we are very disappointed.

Jan 09, 2018

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