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My family and I went to Ruby Tuesday 4432 on Sunday right before 3pm. The service has been horrible the last 2-3 visits, but gave it one last chance. It took forever to get our food. When we did get our food it was horrible. My wife ordered 2 sides of zucchini, and they only sent 1 order originally. Our waitress brought out the second side after she was completely done with her meal, and it was burnt and greasy. My daughter ordered corn dogs and they were lukewarm on the inside as if they had been sitting while the other food was being prepared. She didn't eat them. 3/4 of my ribs were burnt to the point that i couldn't cut them with a knife. Our waitress was polite, but the people that prepared our food were horrible. The manager never came over to the table to see how things were, and they mostly stayed huddled together laughing amongst themselves. There were maybe 4 tables with customers in them so it wasn't at all busy, and yet we were there over an hour. This was pretty much the last straw for us. We won't ever go here again, and we gave it more chances because of convenience. Just thought you may want to know.

Thank you,

Larry Rodrigues

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday

Nov 29, 2016

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