Ruby Tuesdayno hard copy of gluten free menu

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I went to rt last night for dinner. I asked for the gluten free menu, as I do at all restaurants I frequent. The young server apologized but said rt is trying to go to a website (Rt's) which provides this information. The staff already knew that this 'ingenious' corporate idea did not work and secretly kept a copy for customers. A few days before I was there, the regional manager had found their copy of the gluten free menu and tossed into the trash.

Well, I went to, clicked on allergens and saw nothing that would lead me to gluten free items. The hostess tried and she didn't fare any better. We left and went to chili's... A competitor i'm sure. The hostess apologized profusely. That harrisonburg, va location had experienced situations exactly like mine before which is why they kept a hard copy. We were told that 'a lot of our customers don't even have iphones. ' which I believe as it is a rural community.

Don't outthink yourselves. Keep it simple and let your people on the 'front lines' do what works best. They are the people who truly know.

Becky benson

Jan 13, 2017
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