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First off id like to say I worked here for a whole 3 months and the experience i had was completely unacceptable. 1. The staff is full of college students who are so cady its ridiculous 2. The bathrooms never get cleaned 3. The managers instead of disciplining the workers who do not do their job or who literally will stand in front of the managers and cuss out the cooks or other staff. I had one incident where Wanda the main boss let another employee scream at another staff member cuss him out tell him he was a piece of ### and even made comments about his race then continued cussing them out and telling them if they have something to say they could take it outside. He continued to yell and threaten this staff member all while Wanda was 10 feet away. I had staff who would cuss me out ### well and when they walked behind me they would call me names under their breath so only i heard them. Not only that but the managers play favorites so much so that when i was working and none of the other staff was I would be made to do their side work and they were never bothered. They hired a new manager and all she ever did literally was sit at the bar on her phone unless she absolutely had to get up. I left this job because it was so awful that my depression got to the point all i wanted to do was die. I will never go back to a Ruby Tuesday again and if anyone asks why I will gladly let them know how you run your buisness. Oh and one of my fellow employees stole my tips once...great stuff.

May 09, 2017

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