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 Dear ruby Tuesday customer care.

I have a complaint from your restaurant branch in Cairo Egypt, district branch

Yesterday i was there with my sister and 4 kids when i enter the res i ask the manger for the toilet he told me its upstairs when i see it i can't believe how it was dirty even the flash wasn't dispense and there wasn't a tissues in it..i told the manger what i found he told me "sorry there is no one cleaning the toilet" i told him thats better to close it than let clients use it

And then after we chose what we want from the menu and we take about 35 min then we told the waiter what we want the he told us a surprise that there isn't beef or sea food dishes he didn't have any imported goods coz of the country rules now days in Egypt (its ok for me) but what not ok that he didn't told us this when he gives us the menu since we enter the res to give us the choice if we want to leave or stay we order the food from available menu..after 45 min the dishes arrive although the res was empty except us..and it was cold the cheese was have fungis and i told him to change it for me he told me "that what we have and i know its need to change but i don't have"!!! I ask him to brought for me a sour cream instead it..we ordered 5 dishes and soup all of them wasn't tasty at all not as i used to eat on ruby and the food was smily and not offered in a presentable and after we going home all of us have a severe diarrhea even a kid only 4 years and thats mean the food wasn't clean!! I have attached the bill as a prove and am waiting from u a reply for more details and following up with me

Ruby Tuesday
Ruby Tuesday

Jan 28, 2017

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