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Royal Holiday Club (RHC) / fraudulent company, want refund

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RE Acct #49-83291
Bought November, 2004

Took vacation in 2004 to Nassau, Bahamas. Was lured into presentation for Royal Holiday Club at the Wyndham hotel on Cable Beach. The organization looked legitimate because the Wyndham gave them office and conference room space. Well, to make a long story short, everything is false about them. Here I thought I was dealing with an American company because they listed an office in Arizona. But it turns out you are dealing with a mailbox in Florida and a reps in Mexico. Was never able to use the timeshare. Much later I found out this is not even a legitimate timeshare, and on top of that they are now selling phoney annuities as a sweetener.

Royal Holiday Club stonewalled both me and the Better Business Bureau. It has taken far too long to reach any sort of compromise, unfortunately, and we have been unable to arrive at any reasonable accommodation with you and your company.

I want RHC to refund my money, in the amount of $13, 935. I paid for my contract in full. However, RHC breached the contract when it unilaterally changed the site of my vacation from Nassau (Royal Wyndham) in the Bahamas to some Mexican location. It was very unprofessional of RHC to not inform me of this change -- in fact, I only learned of it through a third party. The RHC office was unable to explain the reason for the change or the reason why they did not inform me of the change.

All the promises made on the date of the contract have been unfulfilled. NO bonus vacations or bonus airfare has been made available to me. I have been unable to schedule even one vacation at my timeshare. The whole operation is a fraud, due to the fact that RHC does not actually own the hotel space which it claims to own; RHC just has a lease on some rooms, which it furnishes with only cut-rate maintenance and maid service on those spaces.

The slick CDs and catalogs mean nothing; there are no actual property rights being bought and sold. The generous breakfasts and drinks, the assorted sites that employees take us on tour to -- all that is the first and last of RHC service that anyone will ever see.

Again, I request that RHC promptly refund my full payment on the grounds of fraud. There is no statute of limitations on fraud. I have tried for nearly four years to get satisfaction from the offices of RHC to no avail. Also, the contract tries to get me to waive my rights to cancel the contract, and no contract (under Mexican law) has the right to deprive me of that privilege.

RHC has not kept me informed of major changes to my account, it has given the Better Business Bureau the run-around, and it sent me to a Mexican representative on a wild goose chase.

I am aware that my right to cancellation and a full refund is NON-WAIVABLE - the buyer cannot give it up - and even if I was convinced to sign a document to give up my rights, that waiver is not valid. Any argument you have claiming that my deposit (or balance) is non-refundable, regardless of any misleading information or statements you put on the purchase agreement that my deposit is non-refundable, is also invalid according to Mexican law and this has been verified with PROFECO. Mexican law allows me to cancel for no specific reason and requires you to provide me a full refund.

I am not interested in any negotiations or cheaper packages. I immediately want this contract cancelled and a full refund of all my money. RHC can also forget about sending me an email saying that filing a complaint with PROFECO will tie up my refund for months. I know this is not true.

RHC should comply with the law, cancel my contract, and send me my refund.

Incredibly, I received a letter from RHC about a month ago saying that the contract was cancelled but it offered NOTHING as a refund. It only said it would send any outstanding annual fees to collection. It is NOT possible to cancel the contract and not offer any refund, and I demand that this be done promptly.

Laura Regrets RHC

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  • Mi
      20th of Feb, 2009
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    Who do you think that you are writing to? Whomever you signed up with is not going to fix it via this website of suckers.

    Also, who has that kind of money to waste without doing any research? What an idiot.

  • Ma
      5th of Mar, 2009
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    just review your complaint, I really hope you did not pay in cash, hope you took the monthly payments, and also hope you have most of the complaints in written.Why? because I can help you to cancel this deal and further more to get you back most of the money you invested in this company through Profeco. Sorry, my name is Rocìo, I´m in Mexico City work for a law firm, and belive me I had cancell more than a 100 membership from Royal Holiday.I know all the differents contracts, the rules and regulation and all the programs they sale, so if you interested please contact me.In whithin 2 months you´ll get rid of this nigthmare.

    Have an excellent week end.

  • Go
      31st of Jan, 2011
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    Dear Customers of Royal Holiday,

    We are G&G Mexican Timeshare Solutions. We are a company based in Mexico specialized in cancelling contracts purchased fraudulently in Mexico. We offer free initial consultation to anybody interested in our services to discuss the details of their case.

    We are empathetic to victimized consumers and therefore, I´d like to address that we work 100% under a contingency fee; no results, no pay.

    Thank you,

    Customer Service,

    1888 277 36 62

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