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We just returned 3/18/17 from cruising on Harmony of the Seas. The night before we disembarked, I left my wallet in the casino. When we were disembarking the ship, I was advised that my wallet had been found at the cashier's desk and that I needed to pick it up from Guest Services. I had to rush to get it as we had to get to the airport to make a 10:40am flight. When I got home, I realized I had a Cashout Voucher in my wallet. I called customer service and they transferred me to Casino Royale Customer Service. I spoke with Chris Butler out of Springfield, OR (who told me that asking where he was located was irrelevant) told me that I couldn't redeem my voucher unless I used it on another cruise within 30 days or gave it to someone else traveling on a cruise within the next 30 days. Seriously? This is MY money, whether it is a voucher or not. We are Platinum members with Royal Caribbean and I find it difficult to believe that it is legal to require a customer to spend thousands of dollars to go on another cruise to get $90 returned. I'm also sending a copy of this complaint to Royal Caribbean.
Please respond as soon as possible as I apparently only have "30 days" to resolve this situation.

Royal Caribbean International

Mar 22, 2017

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