Round Table Pizza / round table pizza coupons, apparantly are not in the &system&

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A group of innocent children walked into the restaurant: Round Table Pizza, they were spending thier break to get lunch. The five of them were using valuable time. They thought an X- large would do, and pulled out thier 3 sets of coupons: one from Seaside, two from Menlo Park. These coupons specifically said for Round Table Pizza. They aproached a woman, who took the orders when the woman said that the Menlo park coupons were not in the Seaside "system" the eldest, attempted and pulled out the coupon from Seaside. The lady took it and without even checking to see if it were from Seaside. She said "It's not in our "system."" They were shocked, these children had not seen such poorly rateed coustumer service, after all this WAS the Last "Honest " Pizza. we called in the manager ; Marco Chaveras . They thought that maybe the manager would help us and accept the coupons. Alas, they were wrong. The manager wouldn't help and accept the coupons. Worst of all, he answered with a negative response: "If your not happy here go somewhere else." The youngest of all had a birthday and was looking at this treat as a birthday gift, the children, were left unsatified and worried for their cousin.

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  • Da
      May 09, 2008
    Round Table Pizza - tried to charge more when it was delieverd than what it was on the phone
    round table pizza
    San Lorenzo
    United States
    Phone: 5102786311
    i dont know

    i called round table and ordered a pizza i was given one price on the phone and when the delievery man he gave me a higher price i didnt have the money cause i told the girl on the phone what i had and she gave me the price i talked to the manager there he told me the price had just gone up the day before and the girl was new and didnt know the price so it didnt matter for my service even though it wasnt my error i asked for the corportate office he told me it wont matter cause its his franchise and the pizza was taken back by the delievery man cause i didnt have the more money they wanted to change to charge

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