Round Table Pizza / delivery

United States

Let me start off by saying that I have had a horrible day. I don't normally walk, but due to a fault on my Toyota, the throttle was stuck wide open, and I was in an accident. As I was picking up some dinner, I was accosted by a delivery driver on 91st, near the Beaverton Hillsdale location on 04/09/2010 a little before 8:30. I was walking with my friend, when I was passed by a driver in a green honda. He revved his engine, and parked on a lawn, and came out of his vehicle smoking a cigarette, pants around his ankles and started accusing me that I threw ice at his vehicle. I defused the situation by turning the other cheek, and agreeing with him so he would get out of my face. When I got home I called the manager, and as soon as he picked up the phone I was given and unprofessional attitude where my word didn't mean anything over the word of the driver. The drivers' story apparently differed from my own, whether that is due to drugs, I do not know. This manager proceeded to get more and more aggressive as the conversation went along. This isn't how I expect to be treated when filing a grievance. I feel left out to hang. How can this happen to my favorite place to eat?! Generally I try to support Round Table because of their excellent pizza, but this encounter has left a sour taste in my mouth.

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