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Bought "Long Sleeve Open Front Grey Cardigan" for £30 including "free shipping" and "30 days easy return" The reviews of the cardigan from "verified buyers" state the material is "very soft", "quality materials" etc. Images show the cardigan to be well fitting.

On arrival it was very clear the cardigan is poor quality, rough to the touch and badly fitting. In short, the cardigan is such poor quality the only use it has is to mop the floor. I can buy a cloth for clean the floor for less than £1 - this cardigan was £30!

I contacted Rotita for a refund. At first they said keep the cardigan and they would give me a 20% discount on my next order i.e. no refund. When I declined, Rotita said they would only refund 60% of what I paid and I would have to pay for postage myself. Effectively, I would only receive around £10 of the £30.

I've also noticed their address is the same as other companies in China.

How Rotita manage to get good reviews can only mean one thing - Complete scam

Mar 24, 2017

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