Rotech Healthcare / resp-nocare rotech richmond ky

Richmond, KY, United States

Never use this place! After being put off numerous times for a cpap machine(either because their respiratory therapist was on vacation, for some reason they could not schedule a future appointment for the therapist and I was not available around Labor Day ) then when I was finally scheduled to come into their office to get cpap set up, (I was instructed to call Tuesday the day after Labor Day to confirm the Friday appointment we made) I was told the therapist would not be at the Richmond location! Tony said they could mail the cpap machine to me? I had been told by the Dr's office that a respiratory therapist would need to set the machine by Dr's orders and choose the correct mask so obviously they would do anything to make a sell! I let Tony know how I felt being put off and waiting over a month. Of course RESP-NO CARE started calling after I hung up and wanted to see what they could do then for me! I called my Dr's office to see if I could use another med supply co. and they sent info to another co. Dr's office faxed request to Cloud med supply. When Dr's office called resp-NO CARE they were told by Tony that they had already set me up! A BLATANT LIE! So the Dr's office called Cloud and told them I had been set up and to tear up the Dr's orders!! After waiting for what seemed like many months and exhausted, I called insurance company to see if anything had been sent in. I was approved in early August! So I called Dr's office and was told what RESP-NO CARE had done, and Cloud contacted me, instead of me calling and searching for help and set me up with in 2 days! STAY AWAY FROM RESP-NO CARE AND CALL CLOUD in London/Corbin Ky AND THEIR AFFILIATE RESPIRATORY EXPRESS in Irvine Ky. A bigger company such as ROTECH /RESP-NO CARE isn't anywhere near dealing with a smaller company (Cloud/AFFILIATE RESPIRATORY EXPRESS that cares about people and referrals for future customers. This company will have you set up in less then a week.

Sep 20, 2017

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