Ross-SimonsUnethical behavior

My husband purchased a necklace from Ross- Simons for me as a birthday present. I was thrilled when I opened it. Unfortunately, the clasp was defective so I sent it back to Ross-Simons, the very next day. I waited three weeks and then started to call them and got no response as to when I could expect to receive my repaired necklace. 6 weeks later they sent it back to me. It was evident with the naked eye that diamonds were missing. I took 3 pictures and sent it back registered mail and never got a phone call. It took me two weeks to get a representative on the line and he said, "there are no diamonds missing." Then he implied that maybe I lost them. I asked him, "If there were no diamonds to begin with, then how could I have lost them?" I pointed out that anyone could clearly see where the diamonds were missing, the prongs still there but no diamonds. He then told me I could have a $350.00 credit which is absurd because my husband spent $800.00 on this ring. Luckily our son is a lawyer and he sent a letter, along with the photos and they returned our money, minus the return shipping! The entire process took 5 months. You'd be a fool to deal with these frauds. One last thing, good luck ever getting off of their mailing list. You can call all you want, they don't care.

Jan 11, 2017

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