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Roomstore - Woodbridge, VA / Broken Furniture

1 Woodbridge, VA, United States

Here is the email I just sent to Customer Service director. I'll post later what happens.

To whom it may concern,
I stumbled across your email address as I was combing the internet for
information about other Roomstore customers that had experienced
similar service as I recently received from Roomstore. Somebody posted
that you were the Customer Service director for Roomstore.

I was shocked to find that many people have and this is why I am
contacting you to give Roomstore an opportunity to fix the problem I
have with the furniture I purchased in November of this year. If not
fixed satisfactorily, I will have no choice but to launch a complete
boycott Roomstore campaign amongst all my family, friends, and many,
many coworkers that serve my country as I do in the Air Force.

I purchased a matching 3 piece living room set from a Roomstore
location in Woodbridge, VA in November of this year. I also purchased
the Platinum Warranty for this furniture to ensure I had a great
warranty to cover damages covered under the warranty. My wife loved
the furniture and we were very happy with this purchase when 3 weeks
later, I sat down on the Sofa and the entire sofa collapsed... to the
ground. Before my weight is taken into consideration, I am a very fit
190 pound military officer. This couch should hold much more than just
my body on it. The whole frame cracked in half in the middle and now
my brand new sofa is setting in a V-shape in my living room. I called
the Roomstore location I purchased this from, they kindly forwarded me
to your 1-800 customer loyalty/service department. I was very patient
after I waited a week for a technician to come out to my home to spend
less than a minute to inspect the sofa to agree, the sofa's frame
split in half. I then waited another 3-4 days before I was contacted
by the 1-800 customer service/loyalty department and they proceeded to
give me my options. I have been very patient with this process in
hopes to get my couch replaced with a RELIABLE and STURDY couch. My
patience did not pay off as I was given some very lousy options.

They said because my set was the last set available, they could not
just send me out a replacement couch. So they offered me 3 options.

1. I keep the couch and Roomstore refunds me $75 cash.
2. I keep the couch and Roomstore refunds me $100 in store credit.
3. Or I return the couch, and just get credit of what I paid for couce towards the purchase of an entirely differentset. And I would have to pay the delivery fee to have the new furniture delivered.

In response to options 1 and 2, why in the world would I want to keep
a broken couch? For option # 3, I asked if I would have to pay to have
the replacement furniture delivered, and they said yes. Are you
kidding me?!?!? The couch I purchased from you, bought a warranty,
breaks within 3 weeks of purchasing it, and now I have to pay to have
replacement furniture delivered. That is insulting to me!

Some concessions need to be offered by Roomstore to make up for the
broken furniture and for these lousy options left for me to make. I am
still pondering turning you in to the Better Business Bureau or even
taking you to Small Claims court.

If you'd like to extend some sort of apology and concession I can be
contacted at the following information.

// Identity Masked //

Very upset military officer

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