Rooms to Godining room table

On 08/08/15 we buy the dining room set. After the year we buy the set the table start pelling off on the top. I call customer service and since we buy the extend warranty they said the will send a technician to check the table so i file the report on 11/10/15 they check the table on 11/23. The technician said he can't fixed so he will talk to costumer service took pictures and left. A week later customer service call me to tell me the extended warranty denied the claim. So i call the warranty and they said it was customer service in rooms to go. They make another appointment for 12/23/16 and another technician came and the same took pictures and left. Rooms to go call me and they said my claim was denied cause it was not manufactured defect. And when i buy the dining room the salesman told us that the extended warranty will cover anything.

Rooms to Go

Jan 21, 2017

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