Roblox / an individual on the chat feature in roblox

California, MD, United States

- An individual on the chat feature on Roblox, uploaded a private and personal photograph of my daughter from her computer files and was supposedly chatting with someone else acting as my daughter and holding a conversation with this user who was implying he was from the roblox company.

- I regularly check my daughters on line activities on a regular basis and I was horrified to see this on her Roblox game.

- The date was 8/9 June 2017, between 11.00pm and 2.30am. Comments on my daughters picture include her asking if she looked ok? and the other person saying she looked fine.

- The person then said to whoever was using my daughters username that if she told anyone, he would get into big trouble from the company.

- I viewed this on my daughters ipad, because I did not know how to screen shot it on this device I Ieft it open on the page, so I could talk to my daughter about it in the morning.

- When I tried to access the page in the morning it was gone, I tried to reload it but the pages I had viewed were know where and their was no sign of the chatbox either.

- I spoke to my daughter in the morning only to my dismay as she was extremely upset and crying uncontrollably that she had not included the photo and had not divulged in any such chatting.

- I have never known my daughter to use the chatting format in this way, she told me she only chats to her friends occasionally. She is not a insecure person who would seek such comments in any type of online forum or group like this.

- After listening to the news and the amount of online fraud and ma's -representation from individuals trying to lure minors and children into fraudulent, harassing and abusive activities.
(ie blackmailing etc)

- I will not rest until I receive a satisfactory answer to this matter from your company.

I look forward to an explanation and satisfactory answer from your company.

Ms Shaheen Majid
England, United Kingdom

Mobile: [protected]
Email: [protected]

Jun 11, 2017

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