RMCB (Retrieval Masters Creditors Bureau)I made the payment already

I receive several bill from rodale something I never order each month receive a bill for 37.70 so finally I got tired of it that I paid although I never once did order or receive or needed the fit 10 total body transformation remove my name from your agency

Account # [protected]
Order # [protected]

We've received your payment.


Thu 1/5, 1:43 pm
We have received your electronic payment on our secure site,

$37.70 has been applied to order number i31883490001

The authorization # for this payment is 00547b.

If you have any questions or concerns regarding this payment, please contact our customer service department at [protected] or call [protected].

Thank you again for your electronic payment.

Rodale customer service

Jan 26, 2017

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