Rivoli Group / exchange of watch - khalidiya mall, abu dhabi

Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

I went to the Rivoli shop in Khalidiyah mall on the 23rd at around 8 30 pm to exchange a watch which I was gifted from someone. It’s the 17th day today after purchase and the salesman and a lady (Ms Dipti and I don’t remember the guy’s name) there told me I can’t exchange the watch because it was more than 14 days from the date of purchase. I explained them the reason that I had traveled to my home country for a short vacation. I requested them to help me as I had travelled all the way from dubai to exchange this as it was purchased from Khalidiyah mall branch. I thought they would help me better because it was purchased from there itself. They told me it was already more than 14 days and there’s nothing they could do about it. They told me to go to some outlet in Dubai and check if they could help us and that there’s nothing extra they could do just because it was bought from this branch itself. I am a regular customer of Rivoli and this isn’t the type of customer service I expect.
I then went to Al Wahda Mall branch Rivoli outlet and met Mr. Praveen who got the approval for exchange and did it for me in a few minutes. I got another watch of my choice which was a few hundred dirhams more than the other exchanged watch. The staff in Al wahda were very friendly and this was the customer service I expect being a regular customer of Rivoli. I’m glad I went to Al Wahda mall and gave it a try instead of going to unknown outlets in Dubai.
So disappointed that the staff in khalidiyah mall didn’t even try to help me when they could actually help.

Sep 23, 2017

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