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I got my 1-800 number for my business in the first few months of 2001, I was with a company

called Toll Free Numbers .com. I liked the company because I thought they had good service and good prices. In 2008 I heard about a company called ringcentral. I checked it out and they offered a lower price then what I was paying and they gave me more features and "award winning customer service." I signed up to switch my toll free number to in november of 2008. By January I saw the cost of my monthly bills were decreasing, I thought I made a good move.

That is until Feburary 2009. My business opened as usual, within a few hours we were
wondering why we were not getting any calls. I called my toll free number to make sure it's

at least working and sure enough I get a disconnected recording. I hung up the phone and

called ringcentral fearing that I didnt pay a bill or something. After 10 minutes on hold, I

get an agent. I tell them my toll free number, verify my name, and tell them that I cant

call my toll free number. the agent tells me that she can not find the number I gave her, I

verify it again, again she tells me that there is no account using that number. So I give

her my ringcentral account number and she imediatly pulls up my account and tells me that

there is no toll free number listed on the account. she looked in the notes and saw that it

looks like it was removed over the weekend, she didn't know why. I went thorugh the same

thing with her manager and he ended up saying that he will look more into it and call me


I went through the run around all day and the next day with them without getting ANY

support of any kind. Wednesday morning I called my toll free number to check it and sure

enough, it rang and someone answered. The problem now? The person answering my toll free

number doesn't work for me, I come to find out that he bought the toll free number from

ringcentral. He thought I was crazy. He refused to want to help give my toll free number

back to me because of an advertisment he had running using the toll free number. I called

ringcentral and they confirmed that the toll free number had been ordered on Monday by the

man i spoke to. Ringcentral at this point began giving me the brushoff and saying they will

call me back and they never do. Ringcentral says that they were going to talk to the new

'owner' of the toll free number and see about giving him a new number, but this never

happened. after 8 days without my toll free number, I ordered a new "temporary" number from

my old company Toll Free Numbers .com and began an emergency update of as much of the current advertising, and website listings of my old toll free number. It has been over a year and I still have not gotten my old toll free number back, and the temporary number I got from Toll Free Numbers .com has unfourtunatly become my semi-perminant new number. To make it worse, the new number I got is only a standard 866 number, IF I would have known that I was never going to get my 800 number released from ringcentral, I would have started new with a vanity number instead of what I got. Switching to ringcentral was the worse decesion I ever made for my business. I switched over to ringcentral to save money and get more features; instead, I got my number stolen by them and lost contact with thousands of my customers. I estimate I have lost at least $90, 000 in new sales as a result from losing my old toll free number. Stay far away from, instead, use or another company like AT&T or someone reputable, and dont believe the advertising claims made by these companies, try to check testimonials if you can in advance.

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  • Dr
      3rd of Mar, 2012
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    They also stole my number, I have proof that I owned the number and that I requested that it be moved to my other ring central account. Instead they took the numbers and sold them. I can't believe this is allowed to happen, I'm losing thousands of dollars daily

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