Revlon / commercial selling picture does not match with the product I received at all. possible it was labeled wrong?

Bucharest, Romania

Hello Revlon,

In 1 April 2017 I bought this product:
but I received the product I uploaded a picture with.
There are big differences between them in color, consistency, shine, is anything but coral and "super lustrous".
After struggles and endless words (as if pictures does not do the talking instead) and Customer Care help, because seller didn't considered the lipstick doesn't match, I received my money back and they promised me they will resolve the issue and took the picture out of site. Now I see it back the product which I found very unethical.
Does this pictures
looks like my picture?!
Can you find out what the problem with this lipstick is?

Thank you,
Anda Iacob


May 3, 2017

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