SUBMIT A COMPLAINT / fraud claim with my credit card

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I was directed somehow to this site by accessing a lodgings in the area page on a convention center website. I will be attending an event in 3 months and wanted to book my room. I booked for the Hilton and all indications on the page I was on showed it was the Hilton Garden's site including the web address.

I booked because on Travelocity it showed they were almost sold out, I figured I'd find where I wanted to stay and cancel what I didn't. I booked at 12:10 & cancelled at 12:40. It was only then I realized this was a 3rd party website. The site said no cancellations and it was fully paid. I was not made aware of this anywhere.

I tried to get them to refund my money. I got a rude customer service call center in India. The man I spoke with was mocking me on the phone. I had to demand a supervisor several times before he finally transferred me. She was nicer but refused to refund my money. Said there was nothing she could do and in fact because I cancelled it I could not even reinstate it. I was out of luck, but she "sympathized" with me.

The Hilton Garden shows my reservation is still active. Hilton will not charge if they cancel, but ReservationCounter is not telling them I cancelled because they refuse to refund me.

I will be following up with the Hilton, and have submitted a fraud claim with my credit card.

Nov 28, 2016

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