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Reservation Rewards / False charges

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Some information regarding reservation rewards. I use my credit card for business regularly. I use priceline for hotels and air travel. For several years now usually after booking some trips online with priceline I noticed a charge for $9.24 for reservation rewards. I assumed that this was a service charge from Priceline.com, and I just let it go. After all I was saving lots of money with Priceline and the $9.24 was not really a big deal. This morning I noticed the $9.24 charge on my Amex card and asked my wife to call them as I had not used Priceline for the last 5 months.

Well here are the results from this mornings call. Amex called reservation rewards while I was on the line to find out about these charges. These are false they have nothing to do with Priceline.

The girl at reservation rewards is issuing a credit for $ 252.00 since june of 2005 for these phoney charges. If your bank or credit card co, tells you they cannot go back more than 60 days this is ###.

I called this morning about an explanation and am getting back $252.00. Millions of people must be getting ripped off like I was (thinking the 9.00 was a legitimate charge) after all when charging several thousand dollars a month the 9.00 is really insignificant. These companies thrive because idiots like me don't question these small charges.

Gotta go now I am checking my other credit cards and bank statements.


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  18th of Jan, 2008
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I heard the same comment from my bank " not after 60 days".. and i did not bother to hand around. These pppl Reser Rew must have claimed billions in fraud like this..
  28th of Mar, 2009
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Just noticed the same thing today. I responded to a $25 off next Expedia reservation and thought it was through them. I can't believe I put in my credit card # on the offer page but if I did I guess I'm partly to blame for not reading everything. Nevertheless, I am positive it never clearly explained this "rewards" program had an automatic MONTHLY payment of $12 to get the $25 offer (and other coupons which are available all over the internet free of charge if you look)

I called and explained how I'm going to issue a complaint with the CT Attorney General's office (which I am) and they quickly issued a refund of the $48 (which have to see if it's true but seems to be). I will also be telling Expedia how I'm not doing future business with them since they give this company access to their customers. I fly at least once a month so hopefully that hurts them.

Obviously this company is fully aware of their shadey practices and I bet have been sued before. I say this since when you call their number, 1-800-732-7031, the first automated promt is for info on cancelling membership, press 1. Then it's for hitting #1 again for info on how to "immediately cancell membership." I choose to speak with someone and he immediately when into an explaination of what Res. Rewards is all about and how I become a member. He offered to cancell my memmbership right off the bat since 99.999% of their incoming calls must be for this reason! I told the guy that I know it's a tough job market, but please try to work for a more ethical company!
  13th of May, 2009
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I had the same experience with Reservation Rewards and Expedia. I had been billed $10 a month since June '07, presumably on making a reservation through Expedia. Yes, I should have investigated sooner. Expedia refused to refund my money, as did Reservation Rewards.

  29th of May, 2009
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Can't say anything more then others have.
Same thing happened to me.
Stay away from Expedia for this reason!


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