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Reserving the car was easy but the customer service afterward has been a nightmare. They missold the return of vehicle time and wanted to charge me for their mistake. Then after my trip promptly charged me additional fees. When I called to request an explanation of the additional charge I was sent around the houses and after holding for 20 minutes was then told that they would not accept a request on the phone and that I would have to write in to them. They are also unable to tell me how long it will take to provide me with an answer and or a refund. Terribly unprofessional company, I will NEVER use them again and will be going to the ombudsman if I don't receive a refund.

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      Nov 05, 2013 - no car, no service

    I had a terrible expirience with -

    I booked a car from Malpensa airport, and confirmed before leaving my country that even though I'm arriving late someone will wait for me at the airport. However when I got there - the offices of the car rental company were closed!

    The car rental company (europcar) said they did not have my flight number, so they didn't wait.

    The order page in shows my flight number even now, and their customer service failed to even try and answer my complaint... I'm still trying to figure out if there anyone I can talk with about that.

    By the way - tried to call them, and waited over 40 minutes, and no one answered on the other side...

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      Nov 28, 2013 - rent car venice
    London England Greater London
    United Kingdom

    Do not book cars by!!

    First disappointment:
    I booked a car online supposing to get a car at venice airport but when I arrived I read the voucher and I discovered, that to get the car, I have to call an italian mobile number to be picked up. So annoyed I called. The line was busy so I waited and called again several times. At the end, after long time, eventually I did agree to be collected in 10 minutes. I waited 20 minutes or more. Welcome to italy! Let me repeat: I booked the car at venice airport but they drove me for 10 miles in the country in a hidden place even difficult to find, for which I would have to come at least 1 hour before to return the car!!

    After more than 1 hour from when I landed in venice and with the hurry to get the hospital where my mother was at the time, I was at the man's desk. The same man who came to pick me up. That's why I waited so long. He answers the phone, gives out cars, picks up people at the airport. One man company!

    Second disappointment:
    The man at the desk told me I can not have the car because I don't have a credit card but a debit card. They don't accept debit cards... I did rent several times a car in italy always by the same debit card! No problem at fact I did it again directly at the airport when I was refused from him! Paying so twice!
    2 hours after I landed I was back (Again!!) at venice airport. My mother still waiting me in the hospital! Now also worried what is happened to me since I should be already there!

    At the venice airport, as I was suggested from the call center, I asked who from the around 10 rental cars agencies would rent me a car by changing my prepaid voucher (Of course adding the necessary amount if required). No one. No one acceptes voucher!.

    So I rented a car right at venice airport! Paying again, of course by my previously refused debit card

    Do not book cars by!!

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      Apr 08, 2015 - didn't get the car which was booked
    United Kingdom

    I have booked a car from UK for Venice. I have made this booking on 31st March 2017 as I was flying from UK to Venice on 1st April 2017. I have booked this online and also paid for the rental amount which was asked for. When I get to Venice I been to rental company desk and shown them all documents and my booking details. Then that lady asked me for my credit card and to pay deposit as well as rental amount which was already been paid online to the I have tried to explain that lady about this many times but she refused. At the result I didn't get the car. Now I am asking this company to refund my money which I have paid as a rental amount, they never replies. Please do not use this fake and such company. Hope my experience will help someone in future.

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  • Ho
      Jun 08, 2015 - stealing from creditcard
    United States

    I was late to pick up my rental car in Hamburg Airport.
    the rental office was closed, and their phone did not answer. Had to rent another car. RENTALCARS.COM charged me 14 days of rental for the car that I never received. Made several complaints, but no way they will refund my the money. *Don't ever inform this company of your creditcard No.

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  • Nj
      Jun 09, 2015

    RENTALCARS.COM - don't even get near. They will rip you off.
    Do not try to rent a car from them. They will take your money, and NOT deliver
    Awful company.
    TAKE CARE - use someone else

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