Renault / renault kwid

durban, South Africa

Hi. I have brought my car to renault's workshop for repairs and it has been 4 months but my car is not yet fixed. I am told that they are waiting for the parts but they dont know when the parts will arrive as they have been ordered overseas, i just need someone to intervene because im really having a hard time travelling to work without a car and whats frustrating the most is that no one knows when the parts will arrive, it might even be next year for all i know and the sad part is that i am paying full instalment for the car thats currently parked off and waiting to be fixed by renault. I was told by the sales person when i bought the car that the parts are always available in their facilities, and i find out later on that, that wasnt the case. I found out the hard way, had i known that it will be like this i wouldnt have bought a car from renault. This is really frustrating,


Sep 13, 2017

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