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Let me ask you a question, is not against the law to release a car with a part that can fail easy and leave a Family in the middle of nowhere?
I think it is, I would like to ask Interpol what they think about a Renault MPV that any time the driver have to stop the MPV for a emergency (Blow up tyre) steering wheel all to the left against a storm drain on a downhill, he stop quickly top the car activating the automatic hand brake now the front wheel is under so much pressure that as soon he put the ignition card in the steering lock brakes trying to unlock a steering wheel lock like a vice grip and the dashboard shows Steering Locked, now the family that survive the blow out can’t go nowhere because a steering lock telling the car computer “don’t start steering is lock” but it wasn’t I could move the wheels no problem. Interpol will love to know how dangerous are the Scenic’s in reality, the technicians know it can happen just ask them if the steering lock from a 2004 Scenic could not fail under preassure.
I am in South Africa no like you people in Europe where there is cell signal all over, in South Africa there are thousands of square kilometres without cell signal and you never know how friendly will be the black people surrounding a Scenic full of white people stuck in the bush, racist no, real yes; Did you know the black parents tell the children that is ok to steal from white people because they steal South Africa from us.
So I suggest a recall of al the Scenic’s that still running from 2010 downwards and attach them a switch that will override the information of the steering lock and will let the motor start an save the family from a horrible death, they could been kill, die of thirst and hunger depends how much in the bush the scenic got stuck.
The blood of the first family that die because of this will be in your hands “Renault Group”.
You have the technology to prevent this worst case scenario from happening!

Regards: Diego Singer

Jan 10, 2017

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