Reliance Home Comfortrental hvac

I am extremely upset….. Over 5 years ago I signed a rental agreement with reliance paying $170 every month for protection and rental of all three equipments. I did that as I was told that after the contract is finishes I will be the owner on these equipments. Thus, after paying over 5 years I called in to find out what would cost me to pay out from the contract. I was told that $8090 +tax….. I was totally shocked. Apparently I will never owe these equipments ever unless I will pay $8090+tax….. This contact and this company are crooks ….. Never sign any contracts with their representatives to rent equipment…. You will end up better if you buy your own…. Does anyone this we can have a class action against this company??? I feel absolutely ripped off…. Reliance definitely going out of my house… and sooner rather than later…

May 08, 2017

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